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Appendicitis: One Patient’s Atypical Experience

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, which is a finger-shaped pouch with no known purpose that projects out from the large intestine on the lower right side of the abdomen. This inflammation causes abdominal pain of varying degrees and is usually treated by...

Five Books to Read During Isolation

Isolation and social distancing can be difficult for the more extroverted among us. We simply need diverse human interactions to thrive and to be happy. Everyone may just need a break from Netflix binges and sleeping too much. During this possibly difficult period of...

Positivity is Layered into Baking Show

The morning and evening news in Indianapolis is usually filled with stories about shootings, child abuse, drug offenses, and murders. It is becoming harder each day to watch these news broadcasts. I find myself purposely looking for positive displays of humanity throughout the day...

My Journey of Dealing with Death

I stopped blogging for more than a year due to being mired in grief over the loss of two close family members. The mental and emotional fog of my grief finally lifted several days before one of my best friends lost his battle with...

Tale of Two Men Is One of Forgiveness

I am reviewing books through the Blogging for Books program in an effort to support my community’s Little Free Library, thus the addition of book reviews outside of the usual sexual health topics to Your Sexy Librarian postings. After being reviewed, the book gets...

Feminist Manifesto Challenges Convention

I was asked by an intern at Hachette Book Group to review one of their recently released books and publish the review on Your Sexy Librarian because the book’s topic falls into my blog wheelhouse of sexual health and sexual issues. Unscrewed: Women, Sex,...