A Blindfold: the Bedroom’s Best Kept Secret Weapon

A Blindfold: the Bedroom’s Best Kept Secret Weapon

I never really thought of a blindfold as a secret weapon of seduction until I saw a grown woman tied to a chair and wearing a blindfold while another woman walked lightly and quietly around the chair as she teased and taunted the bound woman with a feather-ended wand. The woman’s raw reactions as the feather danced daintily up her bare arm, bounced and twirled over the side of her naked neck, moved on up as it lightly caressed her face, and ended with a flick of the feather on her sensitive ear was simply jaw dropping.

She gasped in surprise and moaned in pleasure. She strained against her bonds as she moved away and, sometimes, into the movement of the feather. This woman had never been blindfolded or tied up before, and she later said the experience was very enjoyable. The thrill of the unexpected can help heighten some sexual responses as well as create an environment for some people that fosters communication about sexual likes and dislikes.

Science has proven through medical studies that when one of the five senses is deprived or missing, the remaining four senses typically become heightened or enhanced. Eliminating distractions through use of a blindfold can help those people with attention disorders concentrate and maintain focus more easily. If we limit what we can see by the use of a blindfold, we will better hear the giggles and moans of our partners and our skin will most likely be more responsive to our partners’ touch, be it tickles, licks, or kisses.

Humans are curious by nature. Blindfolds prevent us from knowing what will happen next. Weaving in an element of the unknown can help build intimacy and trust between partners. If you try wearing a blindfold just once and the result is a positive experience, you may want to use the blindfold again and allow your partner to continue to explore your body in new and exciting ways. Try combining blindfolds with erotic massage as part of foreplay or blindfolds with ice cubes on bare nipples for a little bit of something different.

Take turns being blindfolded and being the explorer of the body of the blindfolded with your partner so you get equal time to discover each of your dominant and your submissive sides. Yes, blindfolds are a BDSM toy, with BDSM being defined by the Urban Dictionary as bondage and discipline (BD), dominance and submission (DS), and sadism and masochism (SM). Being blindfolded during a sexual encounter can open doors to other sexual areas to explore, such as light spanking or light bondage, that you never thought you would want to try.

If you are the partner not wearing the blindfold, be respectful and stay within your partner’s sexual comfort zone. Stay with kissing or fondling for starters. Ask your blindfolded partner, “Do you like that?” to help initiate communication and to foster the building of trust. The blindfolded partner should provide verbal feedback. “A little lower. Almost there. Right there! I love it when you touch me there.” These verbal cues can build both partners’ confidence in their seduction skills.

A convenient feature of the blindfold is that it is easily portable and takes up very little space in a purse, a bag, or a piece of carry-on luggage, which makes it a great traveling sex accessory. A blindfold, as opposed to a dildo or a pair of handcuffs, is much easier to explain to other people when caught with one, if the blindfold owner even cares what other people think. “I wear that when I sleep,” hardly merits conversation. For the fashionable women among us, blindfolds are available in a variety of solid colors and in a few patterns, which makes it possible to match a favorite pair of stilettos or lingerie to a blindfold and maybe even a favorite sex toy.

A blindfold costs as little as $2 at some department and discount stores. A bandana or a silk tie can be used as a blindfold as well. If you don’t already own a blindfold or a sexy silk tie, I suggest you purchase one to add to your must-have bedroom accessory box, footlocker or sex cabinet. The best blindfold design is one made of a soft material that has an adjustable thin headband. No matter what type of blindfold you use, just remember to always be respectful and to always play safe.

I am sure naysayers see blindfolds as tools of the dark side — loss of control, lack of trust, and the fear of being left blindfolded, and possibly tied up, in an awkward or embarrassing situation. For this group of people, my non-vanilla advice is to go spend a few dollars on a blindfold, tell your partner the safe word is “blueberry,” and wear that blindfold without anxiety and fear during your next sexual encounter. If your partner does not respect you or your safe word, the fault lies not with the blindfold.