Help Wanted: Experience Preferred

Help Wanted: Experience Preferred

            Your Sexy Librarian is a real woman with family and social obligations, a relationship that takes compromise and understanding in order to remain strong, and a demanding job in the corporate world. I research and write all of my blogs. Each blog is then edited by one of three editors: an experienced copy editor at a newspaper, an ace reporter who specializes in government and investigative journalism, and a former sports writer and editor who now works in the pharmaceutical industry. My editors work for free because they believe in me. And where else will they get to edit writing about sexual health, sexual issues, and other taboo topics?

            I want to write blogs about interesting topics, and I need real people with experiences who will share their stories with me to help keep my blog going. When I attend networking events, I ask people to suggest stories or sources to me. I am usually met with wide eyes and hesitation, which is why I am asking via the internet for reliable sources to help me educate and re-educate adults in this country and abroad. I work in the healthcare industry and deal with hundreds of people’s most personal information on a daily basis. It is a Federally-mandated job requirement to keep that patient information confidential, and I will treat sources for my blogs with the same respect by ensuring all sources will be protected and kept confidential. Names can and will be changed to better conceal the identities of those who do not want their confidences told to their families, neighbors, or coworkers.

            If you see a topic in the list below that you would like to talk to Your Sexy Librarian about or have a new topic to suggest, please email or use the contact link. For legal reasons, all sources must be at least 18 years in age.

            Upcoming blog ideas include, but are not limited to:

            People who have experienced arranged marriages (any age, any culture)

            Transgender individuals

            Burlesque performers

            People who dress in animal costumes for sexual pleasure

            Bronies (defined as men over the age of 18 who LOVE the cartoon “My Little Pony”)

            Users of Tinder (any age, male or female)

            Users of fetlife (any age, any fetish, any gender type)

            People in Sub/Dom relationships

            People who use sex swings

            Men with erectile dysfunction, and their lovers/partners

            Men with low testosterone who use testosterone replacements

            Men who have survived testicular cancer

            People who have had cosmetic surgery procedures in the genital area

            Women who have chosen not to have children

            Women who have survived sexual assault/rape while living in refugee camps

            Women who are or were mail-order brides

            Women who use Diva Cups

            Women who have experienced menopause

            Women who are sexually active after experiencing menopause or having a hysterectomy

            Breast cancer survivors (any age)

Tattoo artists who specialize in tattooing nipple and areola tattoos on breast implants for women who have had mastectomies

Please repost this blog on your social network accounts to help me reach more potential sources. Thank you in advance, readers, for all your help with this project.