A Thanksgiving Message

Of all the American holidays, Thanksgiving is the BIG DEAL holiday for me. I spend a massive amount of preparation getting my family’s meal planned and all the ingredients purchased before the crowds hit the stores. I then spend several hours in my mother’s kitchen cooking and baking, usually with her beside me the entire time. Guests who arrive early can see the kitchen dance that she and I do as we move in synch with one another, prepping, cooking, and cleaning as we go. There is always a great deal of taste testing and laughter going on while she and I work. It culminates in all the family sitting down and enjoying a holiday meal together.

What has this to do with sexual health, sexual issues, and taboo topics? Not a thing, unless one looks at my birthplace.


I am extremely fortunate to have been born a female in the United States of America. A big reason I value being an American is that I am guaranteed freedom of speech. I am allowed by law to research, write, and publish blogs about sexual health, sexual issues, and taboo topics. I can have a conversation with anyone, male or female, with or without someone else being present. Women in some foreign countries are not allowed to obtain an education, little on say or publish whatever they wish or speak to whomever they wish.

As an American, I can wear whatever clothing I choose to wear as long as it does not violate any local or state laws. I can emphasize my cleavage every day of my life. My hair can be cut as short as I prefer, and it can be any color I want. Using makeup is my own personal choice and not something that is banned from use. I can cover my entire body with piercings and tattoos if I desire that. Not all women worldwide have that much personal choice in their dress or looks.

One of the best things about being an American woman is that I have sexual and reproductive freedoms not shared by all women in other countries. I am allowed to form relationships with whomever I want as long as any sexual relationship is with a person over age 18. If I want to, I can have sexual encounters with the entire United Colors of Benetton model crew without fear of being stoned to death. I am allowed to make my own choices about my reproductive health and whether or not I give birth to a child should I ever become pregnant. My genitalia are not at risk of being mutilated or removed. I can say “no” to marriage without repercussions. I have access to birth control, condoms and sex toys. I have the freedom to make my own decisions for my own life.

I am thankful to be the American woman known as Your Sexy Librarian.


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